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  • André León Orta


Miami, Fl (translated from Spanish, written by André León Orta)


People like Cristina Rosati, before they even learn to walk, have a star written in their destiny...

Freedom is a way of life that is born in the hearts of libertarians. Whoever carries in his soul the essence of open roads, will always be a free person. He or she who is free in their heart is happy, and it is that only a happy person achieves everything that is proposed based on doing what he or she loves. To say this is to refer to a person whose skills are born in the order of their goals, all well thought out with the conviction that achieving them is part of the process. I am referring to Cristina Rosati.

This extraordinary woman is undoubtedly an exemplary human being for our youth. Originally from Calgary, Canada, she developed incredible academic skills by means of digital learning, making her one of the few high school students to graduate with honors using unique study methods at the time, and receiving special recognition from her City's Board of Education. This beginning in the public arena is the beginning of a long list of achievements that would be reviewed in the local press, including the Calgary Herald, as she was considered a Canadian promising talent.

Hence, coming out of her adolescence and with a future ahead of her, she was already ahead of her peers and immersed in the labor market, forming part of important companies such as Cenovus Energy, EnCana Corporation, Seaway Project Management Ltd. and NORR Architects, where she assumed enormous responsibilities in working on projects in Business Solutions & Change Management, opening up a high-level professional career. Writing, graphic design and excellent use of computers were some of the skills that she professionalized in the marketing area.

Virtues such as reliability, practicality, and strict honesty led this magnificent professional to develop large-scale projects in each of the companies of which she was a part and also left important traces in the business area. In that sense, it is necessary to mention that the success that Cristina Rosati has had throughout her career in the corporate sector is just the appetizer of a life full of light and progress where she has been the driver of each section and responsible for forging a productive life, with a special focus on the creation and strategic development necessary for the advancement of the organizations involved.

Characters like Cristina Rosati have had a star drawn in their destiny since before they knew how to walk, and intrinsically their own talent is what sets the standard throughout their lives, which in my view goes from one to five stars. It is not easy to describe a human being with Rosati's talent. It is therefore necessary to get into her feelings, emotions and preferences to know what lives inside her and what drives unending desire to meet her goals. Cristina is someone special. Just looking at the depth of her gaze gives you a knowing, that behind her imposing image, there is a simple woman with a humble but tenacious heart, brave and with the impetus of a warrior.

That's right, Cristina Rosati is within the most accurate qualifiers a genius in the production of events and festivals, which has led her to be recognized as a Cultural Ambassador in her native country. I must say that Rosati is one of the most multifaceted and successful human beings that I have written about, in the strictest sense of the word, because she is capable of proposing business strategies in large companies, producing and directing entertainment events with projection in the large national and international media, television, written and digital press, with large audiences, especially in Canada, the United States of America, and Latin America.

In addition, throughout her life Cristina has appeared in the demanding world of Graphic Arts, both for being one of her most outstanding competences, and for the recognition she has deserved for the impeccable execution of her work in international magazines and organizations such as VOGUE Italia. It should be noted that she directed the image and media campaigns of two well-known politicians from the State of Florida. Rosati has the open and public recommendation of different personalities such as María Celeste Arrarás, Víctor Cámara, Rafael Pineyro, Wunmi Idowu from Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theater, VG Media & PR Agency, among many others.

Talking about her as a recognized Graphic Artist on several continents, it is worth being a detail-oriented, since with a career like hers I am fully sure, many would like to have her leading their work teams. Those who know Cristina Rosati, know of her passion for the arts and the world of entertainment. We only have to observe her work, her strokes and lines in the composition of ideas that lead to immediate success in any project or image that she directs. Likewise, with her participation in relevant festivals such as the Expo Latino Festival in Canada, where she shared in hosting the event alongside the renowned and award-winning international host and entertainer Alberto Maucó.

As we have seen, her talents (because there are many) have no borders, since many countries are part of her daily life due to the enormous number of visits in her digital media and of course followers who join the applause of this extraordinary artist. Reading her biography has been the same as awakening the imagination and seeing how the sky of the North American continent lights up in stars that adorn the path that Cristina Rosati treads, and although it seems a poetic hyperbole of the characterization of her career, I must say that it is not, since being recognized by the government of your country as in this case the Government of Canada does, through its Arts and Culture institutions, is something that does not happen to everyone and is definitely a valuable recognition.

Many will wonder, how is it that a graphic designer and business management expert has so much recognition by institutions and media in different countries?

Well, the answer is simple; She bases each project on the basis of human values characteristic of a noble, honest person, with a high sense of order and with priority in treating the people around her with respect. But I also tell you something that dispels all doubts and gives reason to everything.

When she was just a young teenager, she met the love of her life, an encounter with destiny that changed everything in a minute. Together with friends she attended the EXPO LATINO Festival and when listening to the rhythms that the music brought to her senses, and began to feel the chords, apparently awakening a passion for dancing with Caribbean music with which very few people born outside of Latin America can feel like their own. She immediately began dance classes, and without stopping Cristina continued unabated with that love that made her give her all for Afro-Cuban dance and Salsa, feeling how each musical note matched the movements of her body.

Soon in her beloved Calgary, she made her mark through festivals and dance competitions standing out among peers. Over time, she became a dance teacher and became a leader in her community through her passion and perseverance. Since then, every event for the exchange of cultures in Canada is related to Rosati or bears her stamp. For her, dancing is feeling life with all the parts of her body in conjunction with the mind and spirit that lets you travel between the dust of the fairies and the stars of infinity.

Cristina is someone special. Just look at the depth of her gaze to know that behind her imposing image, there is a simple woman, with a humble but tenacious heart, brave and with the impetus of a warrior.

But do you think that a talent like this, a unique management in favor of the arts, does not transcend other countries? It does. Festivals in the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa have dressed up their stages with the presence of Cristina Rosati,

demonstrating the empowerment of women through the versatility of their talents and capacities, but above all the potentiality of a human being who has quality and excellence to her credit as management qualities in everything she does.

It is necessary to point out that important Advertising Agencies that represent celebrities from the world of music and television are part of the accounts that Cristina manages with her signature

Creator of incredible graphic productions for brands of a considerable number of Latino talents, television presenters, high-class artists, politicians and personalities, Cristina Rosati stands out as Creative Director with the success that always accompanies her.

She is currently responsible for the wonderful image of the International Magazine MAUCONNET PRESS MIAMI, a platform that allows many of us to keep up with life, making us part of the world that is separated by the global pandemic and is united by the written word with productions impact graphics such as this digital medium available to everyone on the internet and in print very soon.

As an international expansion of the marketing company Mauco Global Solutions, led by its Director Alberto Mauco; This magazine with the graphic seal of Cristina Rosati has a worldwide presence with an extraordinary level of visits in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Canada, Spain, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Argentina, Portugal and Italy.

Influential figures such as Francis Suarez (Mayor of Miami), Lupita Jones (Former Miss Universe, Mexico); Verónica Del Castillo (Author and Public Speaker); Jeanette Núñez (Deputy Governor of Florida); Lena Burke (Latin Grammy-winning singer / musician); Ivonne Reyes (Actress and television presenter); Luz García (television presenter, actress and producer); These are some of the personalities who have admired Rosati's production through their reports and interviews in this important magazine in the Hispanic world.

Cristina is a name of Greek origin that comes from Christo, anointed, disciple of God. So, it has been a great pleasure to write this article to tell you a little about this extraordinary person, because we can write about many topics, but it is not every day that we can grow proud of having the closeness of a human being of the stature of Cristina Rosati, who without hesitation is a High Level Woman.

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